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Guiding Light Inspections has in house office personnel at an actual office who can answer questions about the inspection process and schedule the appropriate inspections. We are not a part time company ran out of a basement, nor do we have an out of state generic answering service.​

Guiding Light Inspections has over 20 years of full time experience performing thousands of residential and multi-family home inspections in both KS and MO. We are ASHI certified, KS and NEHA certified Radon testing and Mitigation providers. We have extensive backgrounds in residential and commercial construction and mechanical system design and repair. We are actively involved in new home construction, design and development keeping us up to date with modern building practices and procedures.

Because of our extensive and diverse construction backgrounds along with our hands on experience, we are able to identify the potential safety and monetary concerns of a home and explain our findings and repairs needed in a non-confrontational manner that does not scare the buyer or seller.

With our proprietary computer generated reports we are able to Print a Report Summary at the conclusion of the inspection at the home saving valuable time and eliminating the frustration given from other inspection companies hand written reports. We will also post a password protected full report on line.

This Report will include numerous digital pictures of the home, comments on any concerns, listing of the materials of construction, size and age of the mechanical components, maintenance tips, and much more. Home maintenance books, folders with contractor references and hard copies of any ancillary testing/inspections are given at every inspection and of course complete access to the inspectors regarding questions about the inspection is only a phone call away. Whether a day later or a year later we are always available to answer questions.

Standards of Practice

At Guiding Light Inspections we understand how important the health and safety of your house is. For that reason Guiding Light Inspections goes above and beyond in their training and have all the necessary certifications to prove it.​


Guiding Light Inspections, LLC provides professional and drama free home inspections that follow the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Certification.

Whole House Inspection (Flat Rate)
Whole House Inspection with Engineer
Termite Inspection
Condo (Interior only Inspections)

Radon Gas Testing (48 hour continuous monitor)
Radon Mitigation Services
Mechanical Inspection
Follow-up Inspection / Re-Inspect Repaired Items

Radon Facts
Radon Testing Myths and Facts​

MYTH: Scientists are not sure that radon really is a problem. FACT: Although some scientists dispute the precise number of deaths due to radon, all the major health organizations (like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Lung Association and the American Medical Association) agree with estimates that radon causes thousands of preventable lung cancer deaths every year.

MYTH: Radon testing is difficult, time-consuming and expensive. FACT: Radon testing is easy and inexpensive.

MYTH: Radon testing devices are not reliable and are difficult to find. FACT: Reliable testing devices are available from qualified radon testers and companies.

MYTH: Homes with radon problems can't be fixed. FACT: There are simple solutions to radon problems in homes. Hundreds of thousands of homeowners have already fixed radon problems in their homes. Radon levels can be readily lowered for $700.00 to $1200.00

MYTH: Radon affects only certain kinds of homes. FACT: House construction can affect radon levels.  However, radon can be a problem in homes of all types:  old homes, new homes, drafty homes, insulated homes, homes with basements, and homes without basements.  Local geology, construction materials, and how the home was built are among the factors that can affect radon levels in homes.

MYTH: Radon is only a problem in certain parts of the country. FACT: High radon levels have been found in every state. Radon problems do vary from area to area, but the only way to know your radon level is to test.

MYTH: A neighbor's test result is a good indication of whether your home has a problem. FACT: It's not. Radon levels can vary greatly from home to home. The only way to know if your home has a radon problem is to test it.

MYTH: It's difficult to sell homes where radon problems have been discovered. FACT: Where radon problems have been fixed, home sales have not been blocked or frustrated. The added protection is sometimes a good selling point.

MYTH: I've lived in my home for so long; it doesn't make sense to take action now. FACT: You will reduce your risk of lung cancer when you reduce radon levels, even if you've lived with a radon problem for a long time.

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